Customer Policy

Dear Customer,
Based on rules stated on D. L. 196/2003,concerning protection of people’s privacy and personal data treatment, the undersigned “AEFFE SPA” as the person appointed to the treatment of data, wishes to inform you that the personal data acquired with reference to our business relationship will be handled in full observance of the above mentioned law. The data will be based on ethical principles of honesty, lawfulness and transparency, protecting your privacy and rights. Furthermore we wish to inform you that all personnel dealing with your data will be authorized in writing and may only access the information strictly necessary to carry out the assigned tasks.
The data collected and treated are:

  • Identifying data (company title, location, telephone number, fax number, e-mail, tax data ,etc.);
  • Data concerning the business activity ( orders, solvency, bank data, accounting and tax data);

These data are either supplied directly by you or may be obtained from a third party ( i.e. our network of representatives or agents for the data concerning contracts and orders or from data banks for the data concerning solvency, etc.)
The data collection and treatment is made exclusively for the following reasons:

  • Completion of contracts entered into and related undertakings;
  • Fulfilment of legal obligations related to contracts;
  • Management of contracts (i.e. business relations with agents and representatives);
  • Safeguarding of contractual obligations;
  • Internal statistical analysis;
  • Marketing activities through the supply of advertising material related to products and services similar to the ones in hand;
  • Information about solvency;

The submission and treatment of data are compulsory in relation to contractual and legal purposes.
The submission is also compulsory for the fulfilment of all contractual obligations.
The only consequence of no data submission is the impossibility to fulfil contractual obligations and the rules provided for by law.
The submission and treatment of data may be deemed optional if related to internal statistical analysis and to marketing activities through the supply of advertising material related to products and services similar to the ones in hand and to information about solvency.
Personal data treatment will be based either on automated or non-automated procedures and stored in relevant data banks (clients, suppliers, administration, agents) and all personnel working in sales, production, administration-accounts, data processing, operation and maintenance, quality control and security departments may have access to such data.
the data collected and treated for the fulfilment of contracts and related obligations, the fulfilment of legal obligations related to contracts and the safeguard of contractual obligations, may be disclosed to the following subjects:

  • Carriers or shipping agents in relation to shipments andcustom papers;
  • Banks in relation to the management of collections and payments;
  • Financial companies and public authorities to fulfil legal obligations;
  • Legal firms in relation to the execution of contractual obligations;
  • Professionals in relation to the fulfilment of administrative and accounting obligations;
  • Certifying bodies;

In order to manage the contract (i.e. relations with agents and representatives, contractors) your data may be disclosed to agents, representatives, who operate on our behalf , contractors or self–employed people and buyers.
We wish to inform you that, in order to carry out internal statistical analysis, we do not plan to disclose your data except in anonymous form.
In connection with the treatment of data for marketing purposes ,disclosure is not generally contemplated except for agents or representatives who operate on our behalf as person appointed to data treatment .
In order to obtain information about solvency, we may disclose your data to agencies and commercial information companies.
Your data will not be divulged.
With this letter, “AEFFE SPA”, inform you that in the course of their activities, may disclose or divulge , on the web site, the name of your company as a reference for the acquisition of new potential customers. At any moment you may object to the treatment of such data by sending us an e-mail or a fax.
Thanks to previous business relations, your address and your e-mail, supplied by you, will be used in accordance with the provisions made by art.13 , paragraph 4, Privacy Code. D.L. 196/2003, in order to update you in connection with our offers by sending you communications or advertising material.
We wish to remind you that you may object, by sending an e-mail to or a fax to 0541-824734.
Moreover we wish to remind you that we recognize all the rights provided for by art. 7 of D.L. 196/2003, and notably, the right to access your personal data, to ask for correction, updating or deletion, if not comprehensive, incorrect or collected in violation of the law, as well as to object to their disclosure for valid reasons by addressing “AEFFE SPA “. THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE for data treatment is the legal representative of the company.
The site supplies further information about our company policy, among which how to obtain the updated list of persons Responsible for data treatment.

San Giovanni in Marignano